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(中+英)Intel SoCs aided by interconnect, IP library

2011-08-01 17:09



Intel SoCs aided by interconnect, IP library
Intel now has the tools in place ¨C in particular an on-chip interconnect fabric, an extensive IP library and software ¨C to make a success of its system-on-chip engineering effort, according to Bill Leszinske, general manager of technical planning and business development at Intel's Atom processor SoC development group.
英特尔凌动处理器SoC(片上系统)开发组技术规划和商业发展总经理Bill Leszinske表示,英特尔的工具现已就绪——特别是片上互联结构和广泛的IP库及软件,将推动其片上系统工程的努力取得成功。
Intel has been striving to break out of the computer sector for many years and its system-on-chip engineering group is a key part of that effort.?
Few people have doubted that Intel has a high performance processor in the Atom and the manufacturing processing lead. But a couple of years ago observers questioned the power performance of Atom and the SoC group seemed to toy with third party manufacturing a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. to allow Atom-based SoCs to be made there. However, no takers were heard of and there was criticism that while Atom may be good for PC-like applications extending down to netbooks, Intel lacked the broader infrastructure, particularly the on-chip and complementary IP blocks, to pursue diverse applications.
Leszinske said Intel is aiming at an SoC power consumption budget of about 7 or 8 watts down to less than one watt and is now accelerating its introduction of leading-edge low power processes tailored for SoC applications and the low power Atom cores to exploit those processes.?
Leszinske 表示,英特尔的目标是将SoC产品的功耗从7-8W降低到1W以内,现在正加紧实施专为SoC应用定制的领先低功耗工艺,并在这些工艺的基础上推出低功耗凌动内核。
Intel is introducing the Saltwell core at 32-nm this year and the Silvermont core in 22-nm in 2013 and Airmont core in 14-nm in 2014. This is almost twice the pace of the two-yearly manufacturing process introduction that is traditional at Intel, said Leszinske.?
"SoC engineering has strong engagement with TMG," said Leszinske referring to Intel's Technology Manufacturing Group. "This allows us to best optimize SoC processes for target applications. Medfield, due in the first half of 2012 is a chip based on the Saltwell core, which Cloverfield, due in 2H12, is a dual-core implementation of Saltwell.
Leszinske 提到了英特尔技术和制造集团(Technology Manufacturing Group,TMG),“SoC工程和TMG联系紧密,因此我们就能最大程度地为目标应用优化SoC制造工艺。2012年上半年即将推出的Medfield就是基于Saltwell内核的芯片,2012年下半年的Cloverfield将是Saltwell的双核版本。”
In addition, Intel has more than just CPU and graphics performance to offer but IP and interconnect assets to create complete solutions.
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2011-08-01 17:10


from IOSF to software via IP

Intel has developed what Leszinske called a chassis to allow IP blocks to be swapped in and out for different applications. This is called the Intel On-Chip System Fabric (IOSF) and it performs an analogous role to the AMBA interconnection scheme used in the ARM community.
英特尔开发出了被Leszinske 称作底盘的部件,能够让IP模块在不同的应用间切换。技术名为 “英特尔片上系统结构(Intel On-Chip System Fabric,IOSF)”,作用类似于ARM社区所用的AMBA互连方案。

There is little detail about the IOSF in the public domain although engineers have presented at a couple of conferences, Leszinske said. "It allows us to connect our own and third-party IP, Imagination graphics as an example," he said. "It's scalable, supports multicore operation and maintains PCI order, which is important for compatibility of software," he added.
Leszinske said 说,尽管工程师在公开场合做过几场会议演讲,但IOSF的相关细节还是很少。 他补充,“IOSF能把英特尔的IP和第三方IP连接起来,例如Imagination的图形芯片。IOSF可扩展,支持多核。它还能维持PCI序列,这对于软件的兼容性很重要。”

The use of IOSF is paying off by maximizing design efficiency with modularity and reuse for multiple markets. The most important aspect of IOSF is that it lets Intel take a system-level approach to power management, Leszinske said.

Intel's IP situation has also been changed by a make, buy or license strategy implemented over the last couple of years. Intel now reckons to have wide portfolio of IP ranging from graphics, audio and video to wired connectivity standards through to wireless standards. "An example of licensing is Imagination. We opted to buy Texas Instrument's cable modem business. We bought a company called Silicon Hive for image processing and Infineon [purchase] brings a set of wireless modems."
IOSF也改变了英特尔的IP状况,过去的几年里,英特尔通过购买或者授权的途径获得更多IP。现在,英特尔承认已经有了广泛的IP组合,包括图形、音频、视频到有线连接标准和无线标准。“其中一个例子就是Imagination。我们还买了TI的有线调制解调器业务,收购了一家叫Silicon Hive的图形处理公司,还从英飞凌无线业务的收购中得到无线调制解调器IP。”

Leszinske then made the point that Intel has thousands of software engineers all working on necessary software stacks. This work goes well beyond writing drivers for software-programmable chips and includes contributions to MeeGo for mobile, the Wndows 8 environment, VxWorks for embedded applications and Intel's security acquisition McAfee. "This [software] will be the strength of Intel going forward," said Leszinske.
Leszinske 接着表示,英特尔现在有几千名工程师从事必要的软件栈工作。这些工作不仅包括为软件可编程的芯片写驱动,还包括为移动系统MeeGo,Windows 8环境,VxWorks的嵌入式应用和英特尔收购的安全软件McAfee提供支持。Leszinske说,“这(软件)将是英特尔持续前进的力量。”
And Leszinske makes it clear that success is already coming with millions of SoCs shipped already. Intel SoCs drive digital televisions from Sony and set-top boxes from Telecom Italia and Comcast. Intel is clearly in netbooks, single-board computers and communications networking and servers and in automotive infotainment systems. The devices shipping are in 45-nm process technology but 32-nm SoCs are starting this year in tablet computers and smartphone applications are expected in 2012, said Leszinske.
Leszinske 还强调,已出货的数百万SoC都应用了这些成功的技术。英特尔SoC用在包括索尼数字电视以及意大利电信和Comcast的机顶盒中。英特尔也为上网本、单板计算机、通信网络、服务器和汽车信息娱乐系统提供处理芯片。他说,出货的芯片为45nm工艺技术,但应用在平板电脑的32nm SoC会在今年出货,用于智能手机的会在2012年出货。

Lezsinke said Intel SoCs are competitive today and that he expects Intel to have leading technology performance and leading performance per watt at 22-nm and below. However, it is the mix of leading-edge hardware performance and software that make the difference. "We understand the needs of our customers," he said.
Lezsinke表示,英特尔的SoC现在很有竞争力。他期望英特尔在22nm及以下节点的技术性能和每瓦性能方面有出众表现。然而领先的硬件表现和软件的差异共同决定最终表现。他表示,“我们了解用户的需求” 。





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